Sweet Giant's Chelsea




Nicolette scoubidou

Silver tabby blotched

GC. Eur.

Willowplace Tomahawk of racoon’s

Bleu tabby blotched

GC. Int. Masaitana haut brion of will Brown tabby mack et blanc

Willowplace raven van pelt


GC. Int.

Mainlou’s Nicolette of Nicolette

Silver tabby

GC. Int. Willowplace lionheart of main Brown tbblotched

Willowplace rhapsody of main

Silver tabby blotched

Baby doo des Ouiseries

Black smoke & blanc

Bandit of coon-castle

Black smoke et blanc

Tropikoons frostfice

Red silver tabby et blanc

Norma jean of coon-castle

Brown blotched tabby et blanc

Valispera agape de saint hilarion black smoke

Mistygris timbane

Black silver blotched tabby et blanc

Masaïtana satio

Brown mackerel tabby et blanc